• Michelle Hudasko, IBCLC

Food Scarcity and Breastfeeding Rates

A new study has surfaced, and the results are concerning. It has been observed among the breastfeeding women studied, 50% ceased breastfeeding by 2 months. Furthermore, an additional 50% of remaining women ceased breastfeeding their infants by 4 months of age. The one thing they all reported to have in common was food scarcity. Due to misinformation, many of these families fear that if the mother is not well nourished, that her breastmilk is compromised. “So even though breastfeeding is technically free compared to formula and may seem like an obvious choice for women with economic concerns — including food insecurity — to other people, it's just not that simple” claims co-author and associate professor of sociology at Acadia University, Lesley Frank. In addition to supporting government aid programs to help feed these families, breastfeeding education could have a dramatic positive effect on these infants.


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