• Michelle Hudasko, IBCLC

Ruptured Breast Implants; Now What?!

I recently had a very interesting case with a lactation client. I met with a mother who had reported breast pain that was vague and recurring over a two-year period. Her breast pain began during pregnancy and was diagnosed as mastitis. Over the following year and a half, this woman was treated for what was thought to be recurring mastitis. With each round of antibiotics, she felt some relief, but the pain in her breast soon returned. It was not until she underwent an ultrasound of her breasts that it was discovered that she had ruptured one of her breast implants. This client had seen a few other lactation consultants prior but had her first visit with me when she was seeking advice for managing her breastfeeding relationship until her implants could be removed. I worked with her to find evidence supporting the safety of nursing with a ruptured implant and helped develop a care plan to get her comfortably through implant extraction surgery. This client wished to continue nursing afterwards and we were able to help support her nursing goals while assisting with a care plan for her breast health as well. While this case is certainly not common, it highlights an important consideration. I have all my clients complete a detailed health history intake form that includes breast surgeries so that I can help decipher mysterious cases such as this one!

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